Remodeling Services in Louisville, KY

Dreaming of an updated bathroom? Perhaps a new kitchen? What about a complete home remodel? Paul Davis Restoration & Remodeling can turn your dreams into your reality. We don’t just provide our experience to homeowners, we can also help design and real estate professionals. We want to help you turn your home into a place that you will really love.

You may connect Paul Davis with superior damage restoration work, but that’s not the only service we provide in Louisville. Our franchise has also been offering remodeling services for over 50 years. Whether it’s the kitchen, a bathroom, or several rooms in the house, we will manage and complete your entire remodeling project. Our remodeling technicians in Louisville will work hand-in-hand with you to develop your project and answer your questions along the way. We won’t be content with our work unless you are.

We have established a reputation in Louisville for performance, integrity, and responsibility. We are a family-owned franchise and are extremely committed to our customers and community. This is why we care so much about the community we live in and the projects we undertake. You can believe in us to utilize our skills and experience to create a space that you will truly love.